Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Heartburn and Acid Reflux are Not the Same Condition. Heartburn is, caused by excess acid produced in the stomach.

A major cause of Heartburn is overeating and drinking too much. Other major factors include pregnancy, obesity, anxiety…

Foods to Avoid

Another major factor is the fact that the Sphincter that is located inside the body where the esophagus and the stomach join is damaged or weak and does not function properly also called or known as Acid Reflux

All of these can cause stomach contents and acid to leak or become backed up into the esophagus and irritate the esophagus by the acids eating at the esophagus and irritating it as well. This can greatly damage the esophagus and cause other problems as well. This is also, known as Acid Reflux, this causes the heartburn.

The Sphincter is a closure mechanism in the esophagus or throat that keeps the stomach contents from coming back up into the throat and esophagus from the stomach. However sometimes this Sphincter becomes weak or does not function properly and will open. The Sphincter should only open naturally to allow a person to swallow foods, drinks, release trapped air in the stomach, and to regurgitate if a person is ill.

Some people develop this condition over a period, of time as they grow older and the body begins to age. However, this condition is even, found in newborn infants. Therefore, this leads to the conclusion that this may be a form of a birth defect or this can be a condition that people acquire at some time after birth.

This condition can also be, inherited as well it is unclear at this time and studies are still being, conducted on the condition of Acid Reflux Disease. For the most part, it is, believed to be a condition that mostly occurs as a person continues to age and the Sphincter becomes weakened like other parts of a person body. It is a fact however that some foods do irritate the condition and make the Acid Reflux Worse.

Foods to Avoid

Certain foods a person consumes can greatly irritate the heartburn condition and should be, avoided if at all, possible. The foods add to or create more acid in the stomach and make the heartburn more frequent and painful than other foods. Foods to try to avoid are:

Spicy foods

Pizza, Lasagna

Fast Foods

Junk Foods

Spicy Seasonings

Spicy, Potato Chips

Fried Foods

Liquor and Alcohol

Caffeine and Sodas with Carbonated Water

Acidic Containing Foods like Citrus Foods and Juice and Tomato’s


Anyone who has any symptoms of Heartburn and Acid Reflux Disease or condition should avoid all of these as well as any other spicy foods. These kinds of foods are harder for the stomach to breakdown. Therefore, the stomach produces more acid to try and breakdown the food particles and allow the body to absorb the foods into the system. This is how the excess acid is, produced in the stomach.

Foods That Do Not Irritate Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Foods from the Dairy Group- all low-fat milk, cheese, sour cream, cream cheese.

Breads and Grains- Whole grain Breads, Oatmeal, rice, cereal like bran cereal.

Meats- Lean Beef, Chicken, Eggs

Fruits- Bananas, Apples, Fruit Juices Low in Acid like Apple and Pear Juice

Vegetables- Foods Low In acids, Green Beans, Carrots, Potatoes

Drinks- water, and no caffeine in tea or coffee

Eat small meals like three to four times per day. By eating the smaller meals this will reduce the amount of acids that the stomach is producing. The smaller meals will also reduce the amount of pressure that is against the Sphincter inside the stomach. This is how the excess acid is, made; and creates the pressure forcing the sphincter to leak stomach contents.

Eating the grains and the whole grain breads will absorb the stomach acids that the stomach produces. Try not to over eat this will also, lesson the amount of pressure and the amount of acid both. After eating meals try to stay sitting up for one to two hours.

Lying down after eating allows the acid that breaks up the foods to leak back into the esophagus and cause the heartburn. Some people may need to sleep propped up on pillows or even have an electric bed that the head will lift this prevents the person from lying down flat.

Symptoms of Heartburn

Some of the symptoms of heartburn are intense and painful and some are extremely mild therefore, it is difficult to determine if a person has a real chronic problem with heartburn or not.

The stomach becomes full of the acid and creates gasses the gasses create pressure and the bloated feeling.

Chronic coughing or scratching in the throat

A person may frequently become hoarse

Pain in the center of the chest

Bad taste in the mouth

Sick feeling

Regurgitation after eating or the person feels the need to regurgitate

Burning sensation in the throat or even the chest

The body begins to produce warning signs that something is wrong. If a person should happen to experience any of the things defined in the above section. Theses signs are, called symptoms.

The symptoms often appear when a person is lying down or lying flat on their backs and can flair up if a person bends forward to pick something up. Heartburn is, called heartburn because it can have similar symptoms as a real heart attack and it is often mistaken for a heart attack. The symptoms can appear throughout the day however, they mostly occur during the nighttime between the hours of one and three am. This is when the body totally relaxes and the Sphincter is the most likely to relax fully.

People who have heartburn every now and then do not need to worry as much about a serious problem. However frequent and extremely painful bouts of heartburn can and will lead too much more serious conditions. One such serious condition is, called Gastro- Esophageal- Reflux- Disease or G.E.R.D.

Treating Heartburn

Heartburn treatments threat the symptoms and not the real cause of the problem that causes the heartburn. Heartburn treatments can be, purchased over the counter at a local pharmacy, food store or a discount store. The over the counter treatments come in different forms.

Antacid tablets


Chewable tablets

Liquids forms

These only treat the excess acid and absorb the extra acid. Anyone can purchase these products over the counter without a prescription and these are usually the least expensive forms of treatment.

Acid Blockers can also be, purchased over the counter without a prescription. These types of treatments come in two forms



These forms of acid blockers are much like the prescription strength acid blockers the doctors prescribe however; these are not prescription strength.

The acid blockers are, meant to prevent the production of the excess acids in the stomach. This is, meant to reduce the amount of acid and the frequency of the heartburn. These types of treatments do work although these methods can cause severe side affects and can create more problems on top of the heartburn. Some of the side affects are:



Heart problems

Severe Stomach Problems

Another method is surgery to fix or repair the Sphincter to prevent the Acid Reflux altogether. This is a serious step and there is no guarantee that the surgery will fix or repair the condition.

The All-Natural Holistic Approach to Heartburn and Acid Reflux Treatment

Natural treatments for Heartburn and Acid Reflux Disease are often things that a person has right in their own home. Foods like eating bananas that contain little or no acid content help to sooth the irritated stomach and absorb the acid. Eating a fresh green basil leaf can also sooth the burning of the heartburn cause by the Acid Reflux.

Other all-natural things you have in your home like milk products such as whole milk and even buttermilk coat the stomach and absorb the stomach acids. Milk products help to sooth the stomach and reduce the pain the Acid Reflux causes along with the burning of the Heartburn.

Sugar water and warm water with things like ground ginger, pure honey, apple cider vinegar and even a teaspoon of baking soda work wonders to sooth the pain and burning and absorb the acids in the stomach. These can all help to reduce the frequency and the pain of the condition.

Furthermore, if a person tends to be constipated or happens to have a slow metabolic rate then the constipation can cause the Heartburn and the Acid Reflux Disease and the stomach contents need to be, eliminated. This is, easily done by taking a laxative and allowing the body to eliminate all of the stomach content. This will greatly reduce the Heartburn and Acid Reflux by relieving the amount of pressure on the stomach.

There is also the all-natural method also called the holistic approach this approach is, discussed in detail by Jeff Martin. Jeff suffered with these conditions for over 10 years until he discover the all-natural way of healing the Acid Reflux and be free of the Heartburn and the other problems that developed along with the Heartburn. Jeff Martin has helped literally thousands of men and women all around the globe to be free of the Heartburn and the Acid Reflux that he himself suffered from for years.

Jeff uses the all-natural holistic medicines also called alternative medicine. The alternative medicines use only the natural plants and herbs as medicines instead of the man made medications and treatments like surgeries to cure conditions and illness.

Gastro- Esophageal- Reflux- Disease also called G.E.R.D.

The symptoms of G.E.R.D. are the same symptoms as the Heartburn so it is difficult to determine if a person does in fact has G.E.R.D. The only way to tell is the symptoms will greatly increase in intensity and become much more severe.

The G.E.R.D. allows excessive amounts of gastric fluids like acid, bile, and partially digested foods to seep back up into the esophagus on a daily basis. At least six or seven out of ten people out of every person suffers with this condition. The condition usually begins as an occasional occurrence of Indigestion or Heartburn caused by the Acid Reflux.

The G.E.R.D. condition then causes even more severe problems, complications and conditions in other areas. The G.E.R.D. begins to irritate the throat and the sinus cavities of the person affected. This in turn causes a person to begin experiencing chronic sore throat and sinus infections, ear infections, and sinusitis.

The symptoms of the severe G.E.R.D. are the sinus conditions, hoarseness, chronic coughing, pneumonia asthma and asthma like symptoms. These symptoms are all causes of the G.E.R.D.

The Heartburn will become worse and a person will most likely regurgitate soon after eating any meals. The chest pain and burning will increase greatly and cause even more discomfort. The person will also find it difficult to swallow or the swallowing can become painful.


Indigestion is also, called Dyspepsia this condition has symptoms that are described as being or feeling full at all time during the day. The fullness can be at meals, during meals, even after meals. The overfilled feeling persists day and even at night. Indigestion sufferers can experience pain and a burning experience. The burning and the pain are usually located in the top of the stomach or abdomen area.

Indigestion can be only, occasionally or daily depending upon the condition itself. Indigestion is, caused from G.E.R.D and other causes as well. Some of the other major causes are things like Ulcers in the stomach. Ulcers are sore open wounds inside the stomach. Indigestion can also be, caused by cancer or a form of stomach cancer or cancer elsewhere in the body.

Indigestion can also be, caused from a defect in the pancreas and or the bile ducts in the human body.

Heartburn and Acid Reflux are Not the Same Condition

Even thought the Acid Reflux sometimes has the same symptoms as Heartburn the two conditions are different conditions.

The Acid Reflux is cause by the acid returning or traveling backward up the esophagus threw the Sphincter. The sphincter being damaged; or weakened and not working properly lets the acids into the esophagus. It is this then in turn, that causes the Heartburn itself.

The Acid reflux is also the main cause for the G.E.R.D Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease. This condition is usually, left untreated until it becomes a major health issue however; the damage has already been done. Once a person develops the G.E.R.D. it is extremely difficult to repair the damage that has been, done.

Causes of Acid Reflux Disease

Acid Reflux Disease is, caused by a number of things the most common is a slow metabolic rate of a person. If a persons’ metabolic rate is slow then the food stays in the stomach longer. Meaning the stomach cannot eliminate the stomach content fast enough.  The longer the foods remain in the stomach the more pressure is, placed on the Sphincter and the Sphincter becomes weaker and weaker. This causes greater damage and allows the Sphincter to leak the acid into the esophagus more and more.

A person diet has a great deal to do with the condition of the sphincter as well. If a person, eats a great deal of spicy foods, such as foods with greater acidic content. The acid weakens the Sphincter and begins the Acid Reflux. Other foods that are causing factors are Fatty foods like fried foods, alcohol, and some other things can cause problems or a person may be born with a weak or damaged Sphincter as Baby’s can have Acid Reflux as well.

A person is most likely to experience the more, major symptoms of the Acid Reflux and Heartburn during the nighttime. When the body is completely relaxed this causes the sphincter inside as well as the rest of the organs to rest and relax as well. At this time is when the acid is more likely to back up into the throat, if a person is lying down flat in bed.

The over all definition here is that the damage or weakening of the Sphincter begins the Acid Reflux. The Acid Reflux then begins the person to have and experience the Heartburn. The Heartburn creates even greater damage and the more severe symptoms of the Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease G.E.R.D.

The later stages of this condition if it is not treated or cured is the forming of ulcers in the stomach and the ulcers could lead to cancer or the ulcers could begin to hemorrhage if they are not treated and repaired. Hemorrhaging is what is, known as a bleeding ulcer. This is evident if a person should regurgitate blood or reddish colored sputum.

Doctors and the Traditional Methods or Holistic Methods

Doctors in the medical field do not want people to use the alternative methods of treating and even curing illnesses and diseases. The Doctors wish to use their man made medications. Now much of the time the doctors medications will and do work at treating the Heartburn and the Acid Reflux disease.

Although one must realize the doctor is only treating and covering up to the real problem. The doctor is treating the excess acids and the Heartburn symptoms.  The doctor is not treating the Sphincter that is the real cause of the Heartburn in the first place. The Sphincter is weak or damaged and the real cause of the Heartburn. The doctor can only treat this if he performs a surgical procedure but this does not cure the Acid Reflux Disease.

The surgery only temporarily relieves the Heartburn leading the patient to believe the problem is, solved for the rest of their life. Then after a period of several years, the problem resurfaces and often results in a worse case than ever before.

By using the All-Natural Holistic approach, you are in fact treating the Sphincter and the Acid Reflux Disease itself. Now the all-natural or the alternative medicines will treat the actual problem causing the Acid Reflux and the Heartburn beginning with the weak or the damaged Sphincter. Herbs and all natural remedies are, taken to reduce the acids produced by the stomach to dissolve the foods a person eats. Then by reducing the pressure, the acid and the gasses this allows the Sphincter begin to work properly.

The next step is to target the herbs and the all-natural remedies to make the Sphincter stronger and to allow the Sphincter to heal and function the way it is, designed to work. It is possible to target specific areas of a person’s body that do not function properly by using these forms of alternative medicines and treatments.

The person just simply learns what kinds of remedies and herbs that are, needed for the specific areas of the body. The Heartburn No More Method does just; exactly this very thing. The method will teach you what to take and when to take it. The methods are, proven and have already been, tested to cure the Acid Reflux in Jeff Martins own body as well as the other thousands of people the product has helped to be Heartburn free in a matter of a few weeks.

Millions of people all around our globe suffer with Heartburn and Acid Reflux disease and most of them do not realize just how serious of a condition the Acid Reflux really is. Much less, the additional problems Acid Reflux can lead to in the future if the condition goes untreated and uncured.

The Heartburn No more Method of curing the Acid Reflux disease and the Heartburn is the all-natural approach to curing these conditions and keep them from returning. Once the condition is, cured; there is no need to worry about the condition ever returning.

For more information, and to learn more about Jeff Martins all-natural cure for Acid Reflux and Heartburn; you can visit the website Heartburn No More at the link provided.  http://www.heartburnnomore.com/