Fat Loss

Fat Loss can be achieved easily. 

Fats are very essential to our body. Every one both skinny or huge needs a minimum deep skin deposite of fatty tissue. If we do not feed enough fat to our body, we will encounter future problems and deficiencies.  Fats very much like protein, if not taking in an appropriate proportion can lead to  fatigue, depression, Consistent hunger, malnutrition, faint, improper development of some  area in our body like the skin hairs, sustaining a regular body temperature, and adequate body fitness.

We need fats for maintenance and proper functioning of our body and to aid the activity of the glycerol with other functioning vitamins in the body. So don’t think less about eating fats rather think more on how to eat the right fats which your body needs for the functions.

Concentrate most on eating fats which can breakdown easily, which can offer you comfort after eating and the ones which are lighter.  Light and digestible fats can breakdown along with other food minerals present in your diets. If a fat is not breaking down, digested or utilized as a source of energy, it becomes a stored fats in the body. Well, fats are usually useful when they are stored in the body but when in excess quantity can less to fat belly. People are called “fat” when they accumulate unwanted acidic fat which can not digest properly. And when deposited fats are left in the stomach, it can lead to protruding stomach which are very harmful to the body.

This type of fat were mainly seen in the outer part of deep skin fat. That is, they have no business with digested useful once made available for our daily operations. Such toxins if not removed from the body can endanger our health and it can be eliminated through intensive high speedy exercise.

Belly fat very much like body fats needs to be watched and worked on, just to maintain a six pack belly physique.

Over past 12 decades ago, the effect of belly fats are not common among dwellers of those generations. Their traditional form of eating has added a lot of credit to their fit health system while each daily zestful exercise which they engage in, has help them to sustain a flat tummy.

Some zestful practices like farming, fishing, hunting, wood cutting, wrestling, swimming and martial art activities are what they participate daily unlike this civilized generation where people eats a lot of bulky  and garbage meal all in the name of  maintaining  a civilized form of dieting.

However, most women are likely to have fat belly due to child bearing. This sympathetic condition has left 60% mothers in an uncompromising  mess of having a protruding stomach. Mothers are now   engaging in belly plastic surgery or a placed on a low carb diets plan for a lifespan after delivery.

This issue of fat belly after child delivery can be countered by implementing a post-natal exercise program for mothers. In this program, exercise practice like abdominal exercise and interval training should be introduced to mothers as a way of helping them to recover from child bearing course.

Like most Asia women are practicing martial art just to help the situation. Other women around the globe should be encourage to join the art program. What they do in tactical martial arts practices are not joke, they mean business.

Aside from feminine martial art program, men are also using tactical arts and methods to burn calories and stretch back their abdominal muscles. Tactical art workout is a fun way of losing belly fat and burning excessive body fats. Likewise weightlifting  which can tighten the abdominal muscles.

What about sit-ups and crunches?

In recent study, these method has been found obsolete due to it’s implication on the hips, back and neck. Crunches and sit-ups done on a high intensive speed is a good abdominal exercise but shouldn’t be considered the only means of burning belly fats.

Involving in aerobic exercise like walking, jogging, running, dancing, and even a little twist can aid the process of losing belly fat. While a high interval traning are needed in line to kick out stubborn stomach fats.

A general perception were convinced about feeding and eating habits. Some people called this ” you are what you eat” this reigning system of utilizing a direct plan along with brutal workout just to achieve a complimenting tummy midsection with a desired fitness goal has been noted unacceptable due to the danger in low carbohydrate and low fats diets. A diet lifestyle are what most civilized westerners are accepting as a way of life.

This form of eating habit can offer a short term advantage but a long term deprivation of food nutrients and appetite. Instead of abstaining from a food totally, you can just reduce the quality which you consume at a time.

Hence, food science in this 21 century has declared a change in model of feeding. After a prolonged research, they discovered that 3 big meals can increase body weight and emphasize on the importance of eating little meals 5-6 times daily. Those little meals are meant to digest very fast, once you engage in little body activities.

The actual change in food system are 5-6times little chops daily instead of traditional 2-3 times daily. When we develop the attitude of eating little meals above big ones, then it can utter a change in our body system.

Therefore, you can eat fat food substance on a little proportion, just to aid an active performance of your system.

Having also a perfect understanding of fat food contents will help you to choose the right ones for you. Most fats are right for the body while come can be very harmful. It is recommendable to eat more of poly-unsaturated fats and even better to settle for mono-unsaturated ones but unadvisable to eat ordinary saturated fats.  Saturated fats are heavy, and contains more acids which can be harmful if stored in the body. Choosing the right fat content will help you to  maintain a proper balanced diets without accumulating unwanted fats contents.

Apart from fats, carbohydrates are mixed with sugar and organic food substance which can constitute to body fat. Food with high carbohydrates contents can lead to protruding stomach which is why it is reasonable to follow dietitians  advice about low carb diets.

Perhaps, low carb meals can reduce body fats but should not be used on a long term.

Eating right  from my own point of view, can be very beneficial for anyone who wish to maintain six pack fitted belly. As much as good workout  activities.

To talk of exercise, as the only indulging practice done mostly by people who intend to lose belly fat. Sit-ups and crunches on its own are causing a lot of arguments whether it gives results or not. Most people believes crunches are bad deal due to its effect on the back, ribs and neck. No amount of crunches , as speculated by this folks will reduce a stubborn fat  stomach.

Another party believes that abdomen has a muscle -Rectus tissues which stretches up and down, just from the ribs to the hips and also that the external & internal oblique are running right from downside of the waist to up which means, when you crunch or sit-up, it will twist and stretch the tissues to contract. These folks believes that sit-ups and abdominal exercise are right for fat belly problem

At every occasion, good exercise will assist and help you to maintain a good muscular shape. Some workout activities are-

Aerobic exercise (like running, jogging, walking, cycling, dancing. Jumping and swimming)

Abdominal exercise (sit-ups, twisting, rotating, crunches, and leg-raise)

Cardiovascular exercise (high intensive traning, gymnastic   activities, cardio-exercise with machine. Filed events and tactical practices).

Other forms of exercise are post-natal exercise & martial art practices.

As a matter of tradition, most countries like china, Japan, and mid-Asian countries are very well known for their tactical and martial art exercise. They engage in this art as a culture, entertainment, and as a form of exercise.

Asian men & women of yesteryears has performed martial arts and transferred their unique culture to their offspring’s. In recent times, martial art is still a genuine means of burning out calories, those moves and kicks can go along way in helping anyone to build a strong health system.

The appearance of most industrial workout machines has never been an accident. This machines has helped a lot of people to achieve a fitness goal while some folks are sabotaging this equipment due to it’s long term side effect.  Machines like

AB machine

AB rollers

Muscle flexor machine

Vibrator massage  machine

Belly fat bikes

Belly fat belt

And treadmills.

These types of machines, if used in it’s stated order can help any issue of fat belly.

People actually  chuckle each time they hear or read through a fat belly report or articles but the real sense in having such a package is not just to help everyone to maintain or achieve a sexy looking muscular tummy but also to support the health organization in their campaign against  bad physical health and obesity issues. Multiple diseases and illness are associated with being fat. Obesity is one of them but the less among all. Fat people are most exposed to-

High BP

Gall bladder diseases



Heart disease’s



Sleepless nights




Bad breath and heart attack

Being ignorant and absent-minded about how your belly is flaring out wouldn’t help the situation but finding a fast solution will.

Here are some handy means of overcoming fat belly-

Conjugated lino-leic acids: it is generally known as CLA. CLA has dozens of isomers which were taking from meat and dairy product.

Such content if taking by a fat belly person, can help to reduce 4 or 5 grams of fat a day. It has no side effect and appropriate for any one both male & female.

Drink plenty of water:  hydration can aid circulation of body fluid, food substance, blood circulation and in washing away toxins from the body . It can reduce appetite too.

Engaging in daily exercise: exercise whether aerobic, abdominal, cardiovascular, can help any one to maintain a lean tummy.

Good nutrition: ensure to eat an ideal meal, always avoid fat food content with high saturated fat & carbohydrates. Eat more of meats, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits, with little added whole grains and complex carbohydrates.

As the competition of looking attractive continues to pop in the mist of teenagers, adults should join the system by challenging their ability to overcome obesity in adulthood. Mothers especially should look above their presumed condition of child delivery and work actively to stick out  fit and healthy.

Lean and six pack tummy is the right tools for building good self image and outlook.