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The Endocannabinoid System

How the endocannabinoid system has revolutionized modern medicine, and how it influences all beings with a backbone. Via Anandamida Gardens.

Posted by Project CBD on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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What do We offer?

We offer CBD Isolate Oils (100% THC free) as well as therapeutically preferable FULL SPECTRUM CBD Hemp Oil. We also have a line of CBD beauty products, CBD products specifically geared towards combating low vitality, salves, chews and vape oils. Our oils are the ONLY CBD oils on the market that go through rigorous TRIPLE LAB TESTING and our hemp is organic and non-gmo.


Forbes Says:

“Hemp Cannabis Product Sales Projected To Hit $1 Billion In 3 Years.”

“…cannabidiol (CBD) is projected to be a billion-dollar market in just three years, according to a new report by Brightfield Group. The data company estimates that hemp CBD sales have already hit $170 million in 2016 and a 55% compound annual growth rate over the next five years will cause the market to crack the billion-dollar mark.”

“…CBD market will grow to a $2.1 billion market in consumer sales by 2020 with $450 million of those sales coming from hemp-based sources. That’s a 700% increase from 2016.”

Business Insider Says:

“…CBD Market Projected to Surge.”


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It is always recommended to consult your physician whenever beginning any weight loss or exercise program. Results may vary. Income is not guaranteed and will vary based on qualification.
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Minutes of Video Presentation Above

Industrial Hemp and Kannaway: by – A Stuart Titus

0:00 – Intro to the company 3 minutes
3:17 – Differences between hemp and marijuana CBD THC
4:20 – Hemp seeds and body care
4:31 – Legal stats of states – epilepsy mentioned
5:12 – Our company background. Our company founded this movement of CBD
6:00 – Industrial benefits
10:39 – Famous researcher hemp seed being recorded in history used as medicine
11:44 – Three factors in hemp nutrition essential fatty acids essential amino acids
17:09 – Immuno Globulins
18:16 – Skin disorders eczema psoriasis hemp can reverse these conditions
18:39 – Hemp seed contains Globulin Edistin which closely resembles human blood.
Easy digestion better than soy or whey for protein powder
Only found in hemp and considered to be the backbone of DNA
19:04 – Billy Locke fitness trainer mentions hemp is the best protein for building muscles promoting overall health
19:31 – Hemp is Electric
Speaks about how the body is electric how we can make batteries from hemp that are more sustainable and renewable
20:42 – Hemp seed and electric nutrition
21:22 – The Body Electric measure EKG ECG EMG. Hemp may play a significant role here as an Endogenous Cannabinoid, Anandamide has shown significant benefit as a cell signaling molecule
22:22 – German scientists Nobel Prize 1991 nutrients enter the cell membrane and depart through an electrical response
23:20 – Dr. Bjorn Nordstrom electrical circulatory system. We are energy and need to “plug back in” while sleeping
24:11 – Systems that are recognized within the human body
24:47 – ECS was discovered in the 1980s by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam
26:52 – Hemp plant matter the Entourage effect
**28:19 – CBD in hemp seed list all diseases such as cancer traumatic brain injury neuropathy PTSD arthritis heart bone healing diabetes
30:32 – Nutrients against disease
31:47 – Entourage affected in Plants vs Pharma
How using synthetic we would lose most of the plant’s benefits
**32:23 – Nutrition against disease Japanese removed hemp seeds and there has been a rise in disease since World War II Generations are getting sicker
34:04 – Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome Dr. Ethan Russo
Speaks about fibro, chronic fatigue, IBS, migraines, all stem from a deficiency of cannabinoids

34:39 – Dr Stu Titus talks about his story with Lyme’s disease

In 6 months time he aged 75 years but was able to reverse it through the use of CBD
37:42 – MLM CBD revolution mentioned
38:14 – Seizures and CBD oil
38:30 – Summary lists all the diseases CBD can help with
40:31 – Medical Marijuana Inc and how they created products to have no THC for drug testing
41:41 – Future of the children feed their ECS with CBD

How does it work?!

Cannabinoids acts on the CB1 Receptors in the central nervous system and the CB2 Receptors in our immune system. These receptor sites are found in the: Brain, Gastrointestinal Tract, Immune System, Spleen, Thymus Gland as well as other systems in the body.

CBD will build up in the immune system, repairing damaged cells and eliminating inflammation, which is the #1 cause of PAIN.

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Are We Legal Where You Live?

YES. Most importantly, we adhere to the Industrial Hemp Laws set in place by our govt. and we are FULLY COMPLIANT and legal per the 2014 Farm Act Bill.

Who can use CBD?

Anyone!!! Adults, Children, and even your Pets!

What is it for?

It has been known to ease symptoms of Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Focus, Cancer, Digestive Diseases, Autoimmune Disease, Building the Immune System, Seizures, Skin Problems and so much more.

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